About Us

Based on the performance of our group for the past 3 decades, our brand has come to stand for quality, trust, leadership and with maintaining our superior management profile along with high ethical standards and respect for our customers, our corporation is known for its adherence to strong values and returning wealth to the society it serves.

Who We Are ?

With high-quality products, competitive prices, and good service to win the market, our sales network spread home and abroad. We take full of enthusiasm to develop new products, improve the marketing and service system, and do our very best for every customer.

What's Next?

All that has happened to us is overwhelming, yes, but it pushes us to do more, be more and make more products that you can use to jazz up your lifestyle.

So, in 2022, we’ve started to fearlessly rock in India with a range of products that free-spirited Indians like you can truly call your own!